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Quanzhou Dongrong Mechine is situated at the Eastern marine Silk Road beginning, national brick machine base - Quanzhou, is specialized manufacture mold Manufacturers and so on concrete masonry unit, road face brick, turfing brick. the Corporation collection research and development design processing manufacture is a body, take the market as the forerunner, take the technology as the support, in view of the present brick machine market demand, has the national monopoly structure simply through the scientific innovation spontaneous development, novel, practical with the use intensity high each kind of brick machine mold core, the discharge head (foot), proved after the production practice, uses my factory development production the mold and the fitting, can raise brick's machine production efficiency greatly.
Since has put in the market, receives throughout the land the brick machine Manufacturer to narrow the eyes blue, the customer troop unceasingly is expanding, has formed take the Quanzhou area as a center, radiates national and everywhere regional sales network.
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